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Money Market

Money market refers to all those instruments with a maturity of less than a year. Large borrowers avail resources from these markets in order to finance their short term needs. The money market is typically seen as a safe place to put money due the highly liquid nature of the securities and short maturities.

STCI PD is highly active in these markets and has access to the same. These short term instruments include:

Latest News

Real gross domestic product for Q3FY21 noted a year on year growth of 0.4%, showing signs of improvement over the previous quarter’s contraction of -7.3%.
In April 2021
In April 2021 Monetary Policy meeting, the MPC unanimously decided to maintain status quo on policy rates. The key policy rates stand unchanged: Repo rate at 4.00%, Reverse Repo rate at 3.35%, Marginal Standing Facility and Bank rate at 4.25%.
The C.P.I
The Consumer Price Index (Combined) inflation for April 2021 printed at 4.29% as compared to a reading of 5.52% in the previous month.
Headline WPI..
Headline WPI inflation for April 2021 printed at 10.49%, substantially higher than 7.39% recorded in March 2021, largely due to inflationary pressures emanating from manufactured products and fuel index and higher unfavorable statistical base.
IIP Growth..
IIP growth for March 2021 printed higher at 22.4% as against the growth of -3.6% in February 2021, on a year on year basis.